Funny canoeing - the whole beach starts laughing

Published by : hellohollyvalance
Canoeing like you've never seen before.
Even the swimmer in the water is cracking up. :o)

Some good one liners too:

Brian bending his knees in the canoe: "I look like a cork in a bottle, Pete. This is ridiculous"

and my favourite one...
Brian rocking the canoe like mad: "I'm trying to keep my balance"

(ha ha, 'keep my balance'. It looks like you're trying to create a tsunami of your own with all that shaking you're doing, Brian. hahaha)

*Note*: This clip is from 'A Place in Greece: Year 2'. Please leave a comment/rating if you like it to show Tiger Aspect (the production company) that we want a Series 3!
Thank you please. :)

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