Strict Rules The Cast Of Stranger Things Have To Follow

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Stranger Things 3 Made The Actors Follow A Lot Of Rules
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When Stranger Things first hit Netflix in 2016, there was no way of knowing it would become the monster hit it is today. Of course, now, the announcement of each new season of the series is met with breathless anticipation — and fans’ search for clues about what will happen next in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Given all the scrutiny, it’s no surprise that Netflix has put some pretty strict rules in place to protect Stranger Things.

There are rules to make sure production runs as smoothly as possible, to ensure the latest season lives up to fans’ every expectation, and to prevent even the smallest spoiler leak. In this video, we’re sharing some of those rules with you. We’re covering rules that make sure all the actors look 80s-tastic to a long list of what can be said in interviews to making sure everyone is available for work and more.

Click the play button to learn all about the things the young cast has to do to be a part of Stranger Things.
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