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Published by : Rohit Gupta
Today's the Search Engine Google is celebrating Irena Sendlerowa's 110th Birthday honored with Doodle on February 15 in the UK and few countries.

She was known as a Polish humanitarian, social worker, and nurse who served in the Polish Underground Resistance during World War II in German-occupied Warsaw.

This courageous humanitarian is credited for saving the lives of Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during World War II.

She proved to be an excellent strategist and became a symbol of courage and justice by organising the help of those in need, regardless of nationality or religion.

Poland honored Sendlerowa’s selflessness in 2003, awarding her the Order of the White Eagle, and in 2008, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Irena Sendlerowa, for your bravery in saving the lives of many!

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Irena Sendlerowa Social worker Polish humanitarian social worker google doodle