HAS JUSTIN LOST HIS MAGIC??? Justin Bieber - Changes (Album Reaction and Review)

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Changes is Justin Biebers 5th Studio album and first, in almost five years, this is Justin's comeback album after taking a much-needed break to focus on his mental health. Since his last album, Justin has been through a lot getting married and finding his wife whilst also facing many struggles that have now led him to happiness and a return of love and purpose for music and life. the accompanying documentary seasons has been incredibly insightful so please check that out. All that justin has been through has led him to here this album this moment so does Justin regain the magic he had and seek redemption or will this be his biggest disappointment find out my opinion as I listen and react to this album I love u thank u for watching please subscribe, like and comment. just remember all the opinions in this video are opinions and are purely against the music and not Justin himself.

Justin Bieber
‎Island‎ Records, ‎‎RBMG‎, School Boy‎, UMG
Released: 14th of February 2020
Score: watch/5 *
*This score is only a placeholder till my full review

Habitual, Intentions, Take It Out on Me, E.T.A, Changes

Least favorites:
Yummy, Available, Yummy (Summer Walker Remix), That's What Love Is, Forever, At Least for Now


1. All Around Me
2. Habitual
3. Come Around Me
4. Intentions (featuring Quavo)
5. Yummy
6. Available
7. Forever (featuring Post Malone and Clever)
8. Running Over (featuring Lil Dicky)
9. Take It Out on Me
10. Second Emotion (featuring Travis Scott)
11. Get Me (featuring Kehlani)
12. E.T.A
13. Changes
14. Confirmation
15. That's What Love Is
16. At Least for Now
17. Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)

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