15 Riddles to Deal with Any Situation

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Hey, bright siders! It’s time for some brain fitness! Yes, your brain needs workouts, just like your body, to keep it sharp and help you get smarter in no time. Scientists have proved solving riddle sand logical puzzles helps increase your IQ level and boosting your logical and analytical skills that are useful for work and school.

So, ready to check that big brain of yours to see if you can get through these brain-twisting riddles? And, keep track of how many you get right – your results await at the end!

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A Tough Choice 0:20
A Desert Island 1:18
Lost in the Jungle 2:11
A Missing Element 3:04
A Dangerous Show 3:31
Locked in the Dark 4:23
Think Fast 5:51
An Elevator Crash 6:41
A Blackout 7:14
Hit and Run 8:04
Trapped in a Castle 8:52
A Fall or Poison? 9:55
Reading in the Dark 10:34
A Famous Pirate 11:15
What Am I? 11:59
Your results 12:26

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- #1. You’re sailing around the world when you get caught in a terrible storm. When you come round, you find yourself on a beach surrounded by angry locals. Choose the option that will let you survive.
- #2. David and Hannah got stranded on a tiny uninhabited island. Hannah got a bright idea. Soon after, the plane picked them up in no time. What was Hannah’s idea?
- #3. One sunny morning, a traveler is wandering through the jungle. All of a sudden, the path he's taking splits up into 3 smaller roads. Which road is the safest?
- #4. Which element isn't on the periodic table? (Here’s a hint: they use it all the time in movies!)
- #5. You agreed to take part in a reality show, but it turned out to be a trap from a crazed lunatic. He tells you to dive into one of 4 tanks. In which tank will you have more chances to survive?
- #6. John told Mike that he’d gone to grab a bite in the cafeteria only to find it was closed that day. Suddenly, someone hit him on the head, and the next thing he knew, he was locked in the classroom. Mike had 4 suspects in mind.
- #7. You're kidnapped and locked in a room with an explosive that will detonate in 3 minutes. You can escape through one of 3 doors, but behind each of them, danger awaits. What's your choice?
- #8. If you find yourself in a falling elevator, what should you do: jump at the moment of impact or drop to the floor and cover your head?
- #9. After a powerful earthquake, there’s a blackout in your town. Some bad guys take advantage of the darkness to kidnap you for ransom. The building where you're kept has 3 doors you can use to escape. Choose one.
- #10. A woman was hit by a car that sped away right after the accident. The detective figured out the suspect was lying right away. How?
- #11. You find yourself trapped in a medieval castle, far away from civilization. However, there are 3 doors, one of which can lead you to freedom. Which door should you choose?
- #12. In which situation do you have more chances to survive: if you're falling from a 10-story building or if you get surrounded by mean-looking snakes?
- #13. Mark got a new book for his birthday. The plot was so exciting that he couldn't stop and kept reading the story until late at night. Mark continued reading even though it was pitch-dark. How was that possible?
- #14. Captain Jack was an infamous and feared pirate who’d robbed thousands of ships with the help of one simple trick. It allowed him to approach any ship from any country easily and closely enough to board it without any problems. What was his secret?
- #15. Ice melts when you heat it up. But if you heat me, I solidify. What am I?

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