The Detroit Lions: The Franchise of Eternal Irrelevance

Published by : UrinatingTree
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The Detroit Lions are... well... the Detroit Lions. I know this has been a much-requested video for a long time, but I've always been waiting for the right moment to strike on it. After a while, there is no exact moment, for the Lions themselves are always "a moment". That is the woe of being a Lions fan: A team that is perpetually stuck in mediocrity at best and a laughingstock at its worst. Even when they try to imitate far more successful franchises, it simply comes off as, well, a cheap imitation.

In this case, we merely take a look at the Lions' current situation. If I were to go into the past, it would be both too depressing to watch and about 30 minutes long. May this video hopefully be enough justice to their incompetence. Probably not, but I can just say it's like the Lions themselves.

Win win.
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