How The Batman Actors Got Ripped For Their Roles (And Other DC Actors)

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DC Actors Who Got Insanely Ripped to Play to Superheroes
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Do you ever just look at some of your favorite superheroes on screen and wonder just how in the heck they got their incredibly shredded physiques? We certainly have! It’s especially true of the character of Batman as all the actors who have brought the Caped Crusader to life have all had different body types and styles for the character. But how did some of our favorite actors get into Batman shape? Is there a specific Batman workout that promises you results? We’d give that one a try if we could!

Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman and how he looked like a street fighter crossed with a tank. How did Batfleck get into such crazy shape even in his forties? Or look at George Clooney’s more graceful and nimble Batman. You wouldn’t believe what the actor did to get into shape for that movie. Even reports about how Robert Pattinson’s Batman is preparing to take on the role might surprise you with the concept of dirty bulking.

No matter how they did it, each actor got in incredible shape to play Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alterego. Today’s video is all about diving into how each of these actors got into superhero shape for the role, as well as talking about a few other DC heroes who managed to get shredded for their parts. So let’s get into it right now or else we’ll have to hit the gym instead and no one wants to do that right now.


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